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The Icon Bar: Programming: Remapping video memory
  Remapping video memory
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Jon Abbott Message #121245, posted by sirbod at 16:12, 16/10/2012, in reply to message #121119
Posts: 563
I'm thinking dynamically remap video RAM pages for Acorn kit with RAM or VRAM for speed.
This is now implemented and working for ARM610/710 and RO3.5 thru 3.71, however how can you determine the page size of screen memory reliably?

On a StrongARM for example, the screen memory pages are a different size to the value returned by OS_ReadMemMapInfo

EDIT: Ignore this question...I was mistakenly testing on the Kinectic, so RO4 rules apply.

[Edited by sirbod at 21:50, 16/10/2012]
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The Icon Bar: Programming: Remapping video memory