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The Icon Bar: Programming: extASM?
  (17:26 11/12/2000)
Phlamethrower Message #4698, posted at 17:26, 11/12/2000
Unregistered user Anybody know of any new versions (above 1.00)?
At the moment I'm using this with extAOF for compiling C-linkable code and plain ARM code, but have recently come across some serious bugs (confusing #end's with any other #end-ish statement).
The most up-to-date version I can find is 1.00, and there is no sign of the source code. I would try e-mailing Terje, but it is a 5-year old bbs email so probably won't exist any more or be checked.
So, does anyone know of any new versions?
Or of the extASM source code?
Or a compiler with the same functionality (plain assembler & AOF)?

I think I could just about decompile it and do a temporary fix myself, but that would mean giving copies of that to anyone else who uses my code.


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The Icon Bar: Programming: extASM?