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The Icon Bar: Programming: Commercial release and CDs......
  Commercial release and CDs......
  (14:58 15/6/2002)
  rich (14:58 15/6/2002)
polo Message #4707, posted at 14:58, 15/6/2002
Unregistered user Basically I was wondering if anyone nows about general costs for the production and distribution, etc. for releasing a budgetware piece of software on CD. I ask because I really want to know around what price I could sell the product and errr........... not make a loss grin
I would also be interested in sales numbers in the RiscOS community for: General software, games and extra utils, so I can again and errr......... not make a loss grin


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rich Message #4708, posted at 14:58, 15/6/2002, in reply to message #4707
Unregistered user CDs are generally only worth doing if you can order about 500+ at a time - Eclipse (~=Argo) used to order them from a company in Germany for the best price and get them shipped over in a big box smile

If you only want a few then it might be worth investing in a CD writer and making your own CDs as and when you need them. Note that some cr***y old CD ROM drives can't read these kind of discs though - although these days that's probably only going to affect the one I fitted in my Dad's machine unhappy

Or make a deal with someone else who produces RISC OS CDs and see if they can handle it all for you (such as Datafile PD IIRC) ?

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The Icon Bar: Programming: Commercial release and CDs......