The Icon Bar Technology news and views RISC OS London Show 2016 This year's London Show is due to take place on Saturday the 29th of October, at the usual location of the St. Giles Hotel in Feltham. The show runs from 11 AM to 5 PM, with tickets being GBP5 at the door (and under-16's free). Exhibitors this year are set to include:3rd Event Technologies, with the AMCS Music Creation systemABug, the Acorn and BBC Micro User GroupAMCOG Games, who have a new Lemmings-inspired game to show off along with their existing titlesArchive MagazineBasalt and Float from Steve DrainBBC Media Preservation, showcasing the machines that used to generate many of the graphics and titles for UK TV in the 90sBeebOPL Synthesiser, the hardware addon that gives your Beeb the audio power of early SoundBlaster cardsCJE and The Fourth Dimension with plenty of RISC OS hardware and software for saleDrag 'n Drop magazineThe latest beta of Impression XOrganizerOrpheus InternetR-Comp, who will also have plenty of RISC OS hardware and software for saleRISC OS Bits, offering spares and oddities for the discerning RISC OS userRiscDJRiscy Robots powered by the Raspberry PiRISC OS Open Ltd, who may or may not have something new to seeROUGOL who are contractually obliged to turn up because this is their showRPCEmuSine Nomine SoftwareSoft Rock SoftwareSteve Fryatt and his softwareTricky Gaming for old and new fans of old and new games on the BBC MicroAnd of course the charity stand, who will be raising money for Combat Stress.The theatre schedule is yet to be finalised, but presentations are expected to include CJE, R-Comp, ROOL, Sine Nomine Software, and newcomer Ident Computer who are showing off their BBC Micro inspired Raspberry Pi keyboard/case (although if BBC Micro keyboard nostalgia is your thing, there's only really one winner). Wakefield Acorn & RISC OS Show, 16th April 2016 This year's Wakefield show is due to take place on Saturday the 16th of April, at the usual location of the Cedar Court Hotel near Wakefield. Doors will be open to visitors from 10:30 am to 4:30 pm, with tickets costing GBP5 on the door. RISC OS SouthWest Show 2016 Saturday the 27th of February is set to be the date for this year's SouthWest show, at its usual location of the Webbington Hotel near Weston- super-Mare. The show is planned to run from 10:30 to 4:00, and although the full list of exhibitors is yet to be confirmed, you can expect to see at least the following familiar faces:Archive MagazineCJE Micro's and 4DDavid SnellDrag & DropFortran FriendsMartin WurthnerNeil Spellings/AemulorNorris Family (Bell ringing + tasty treats)OrganizerRISC OS Open Ltd (ROOL)Soft Rock SoftwareVarious User GroupsAnd of course show organisers R-Comp and Orpheus InternetAs with previous years, there are also plans to hold a Raspberry Pi Jam event, in order to help raise interest in RISC OS and usher in a new generation of coders. Mysterious new product to be announced at London Show the day before London show In a surprise announcement, ROOL have revealed the existence of "Titanium", a new RISC OS machine based around a dual-core Cortex-A15 SoC. No - it's not CJE's dual-core Cortex A15 IGEPv5 machine - it's an entirely new board design produced by Elesar Limited, and utilising TI's 1.5GHz AM5728 (a cousin of the also-1.5GHz TI OMAP5 used in the IGEPv5). And unlike the IGEPv5 or the Wandboard (as used in R-Comp's ARMX6), which are technically meant to be for embedded or developer/prototyping markets, the Titanium board seems to be aimed squarely at the desktop PC and server markets - it utilises the standard ATX form factor and power connector, has dual DVI video output, dual gigabit Ethernet, four SATA ports, eight USB 2 ports, and even two PCI-E slots. ROUGOL & London Show news Bryan Hogan of ROUGOL has got in touch to let us know the details of some upcoming events. Games news Time for a round-up of recent games news.JASPP to release more classics Aemulor/ account details posted online According to an email sent out by Neil Spellings this evening, the usernames and hashed passwords of all registered users on the old and newer websites have been posted online. Wakefield Acorn & RISC OS Show, 25th April 2015 This year's Wakefield show is due to take place on Saturday the 25th of April, at the usual location of the Cedar Court Hotel near Wakefield. With the doors open from 10:30 am to 4:30 pm, this will be the show's 20th anniversary, a major achievement for the Wakefield RISC OS Computer Club who are responsible for organising the event. First impressions of the new RaspberryPi A few weeks ago, the RaspberryPi foundation surprised most of us with a new version of the RaspberryPi (creatively named the RaspberryPi 2). So I ordered one from Cjemicros (they have them in stock!) and here are some observations for you on the new device... RISC OS SouthWest Show 2015 Saturday the 21st of February, a little under 10 days from now, is the date of this year's SouthWest show, to be held at its usual location of the Webbington Hotel near Weston- super-Mare.