The Icon Bar Technology news and views How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Leave RISC OS: 10 Years On Ten years ago this week, I wrote How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Leave RISC OS for The Iconbar. To mark the occasion, I thought it might be worth revisiting it. After all, surely plenty has changed over the past ten years? RISC OS Interviews - Hilary and Matthew Philips We continue with our series of interviews with people in the RISC OS world. In this interview, we catch-up with the team behind Sine Nomine software (Matthew and Hillary Phillips). !Organizer reaches 2.26 One of the top items on my shopping list for the recent RISC OS London Show was the latest release of !Organizer. This is now at version 2.26 and maintained/developed for the last few years by Martin Avison. RISC OS Interviews - Tom Williamson For this interview, we introduce you to Ident Computers very own Tom Williamson, who was a first-time exhibitor and speaker at the London Show !PhotoDesk adds support for latest hardware and software with version 3.14 The long-awaited release 3.14 (nice pun for Pi users) of !PhotoDesk arrived at the RISC OS London show and is now available as an upgrade from CJEmicros. RISC OS Interviews - Jeffrey Lee At the London Show, we sent our team around to park them themselves on several stands and refuse to leave until the poor stand-holders agreed to do an interview for us.... The results will be appearing over the next few weeks. Latest batch of RISC OS magazines published at London Show Archive Magazine has been going since 1987 and is currently edited by Jim Nagel (you may remember his Computer Shopper Magazine Acorn columns). It is a printed A5 magazine (back and white with some colour). The style is very much traditional magazine and it has not changed over the years. As far as I can tell, its publication date is based on a complex and archaic forumla known only to Jim involving the dates of RISC OS shows, the position of the moon and lots of other secret variables. But it is generally worth the wait. First Impressions of RComp's TiMachine The RISC OS shows are a great opportunity to actually see kit in action and talk to vendors. In 2016, we are really fortunate to have the widest range of hardware options ever available, ranging from fast and compact and super cheap Raspberry Pis, through ARMX6 (with their ability to support really large screens) and PiTop laptop, to high end desktop X15 machines. All were on display at the recent London show. I wanted to upgrade my main RISC OS machine (currently a 2012 PandaBoard) with a Titanium, and walked away with a shiny new TiMachine from RComp. Here are some first impressions for you…. RComp releases update of !FireWorkzPro 2.20 !Fireworkz Pro is the commercial version of Colton software's original software. RComp have taken over active commercial developement, so it continues to be developed with new releases and the latest version was released at the London Show last weekend. Elesar's new Cloud Storage software The London Show on saturday was the first chance for many of us to get a look at some new software and hardware for the first time. One of the packages which especially interested me was CloudFS, the new cloud solution for RISCOS. So I bought a copy and here are my first impressions.