The Icon Bar Technology news and views In praise of !ShareFS IMHO, this is one of the most powerful (and under-rated) features of RISC OS. !ShareFS allows a RISC OS machine to share the hard drive with another RISC OS machine. There are lots of ways to share filesystems across networks (such as Samba) and cloud solutions (like PCloud, google drive). Some of these are very fiddly or do not work on RISC OS. RISC OS London Show 2017 This year's London Show is due to take place on Saturday the 28th of October, at the usual location of the St. Giles Hotel in Feltham. The show runs from 11 AM to 5 PM, with tickets being GBP5 at the door (and under-16's free). Exhibitors this year are set to include:3rd Event Technologies, with the AMCS Music Creation systemABug, the Acorn and BBC Micro User GroupAMCOG Games, who are planning to show off a new game alongside their game SDK, retro sound synthesiser, and their sizable back catalogue of previous releasesJon Abbot's Archimedes Software Preservation Project will be demonstrating various classic Acorn-era games running on both new and old systems, thanks to the impressive ADFFSArchive Magazine, who will be celebrating their 30th birthday, with DVDs available of all their back issuesPaul Emerton's BBC Media Preservation, performing important work to preserve Acorn's history in UK TV broadcast productionBeebOPL Synthesiser, the hardware addon that gives your Beeb the audio power of early SoundBlaster cardsCJE and The Fourth Dimension with plenty of RISC OS hardware and software for saleElesar Ltd, who will most likely have a Titanium or two on display, along with their CloudFS and FontDirectoryPro software products, and the reveal of a mysterious new productThe latest beta of Impression XMW Software, back by popular demandOrganizerOrpheus InternetChris Hall's PiGPSR-Comp, who will also have plenty of RISC OS hardware and software for saleRISC OS Bits, offering spares and oddities for the discerning RISC OS userRetro Software, who will have a selection of their many retro game releases on show, as well as previews of in-development titlesNeil Fazakerley's Riscy Robots powered by the Raspberry PiRISC OS Open Ltd, who are likely to have at least one newly updated product availableROUGOL who are contractually obliged to turn up because this is their showRPCEmuSine Nomine Software, who are promising to have a major new release of RiscOSM available, alongside their other productsSoft Rock SoftwareSteve Fryatt and his softwareTricky Gaming for old and new fans of old and new games on the BBC MicroVideoNuLA, a modern video enhancer for the BBC Micro which offers many improvements over the original ULA chipAnd of course the charity stand, who will be raising money for Combat Stress.The theatre schedule is yet to be finalised, and with the number of new and interesting exhibitors it's anyone's guess who's going to be filling the slots. !DualHead second release reviewed In our previous review we looked at release 1 of !DualHead. R-Comp have already released an update so we will dive in and see what has changed... September News round-up Some things we noticed in the RISC OS world - what did you see? RISC OS software to download from !Store In previous articles, we looked at package managers and some of the software available on !PackMan. In this article we are going to highlight some of the software available in !Store and ask for your suggestions. RISC OS on GitHub In a previous article, we mentioned Git and GitHub. !DualHead in use [Update] Please note that this review is based on version one of the software - an update was released this week which we will evaluate in a future article. August news round-up A quick round-up of news we noticed in the RISC OS world (please feel free to post in comments anything missed). R-Comp release !DualHead If you own a Titanium based machine you may have noticed that it has 2 video output ports. If you plug a monitor into the right port (as you look at the machine from the back), you will get the chemical details of the element Titanium on your second screen. Interesting but not very practical.... Revisting the old Acorn magazines online Over the years, a lot of high quality magazines have been produced. Most of these are no longer actively published but their back catalogue still contains interesting and relevant material.