The Icon Bar Message Updates Technology news and views Moving events in Organizer I did not know that until this now. It is a bloody good feature. Three RISC OS Show dates for your 2022 diary Possibly also the Big Ben Club in May too? Though the page still mentions 2021 so maybe 2022 is still in planning. RPCEmu reaches release 0.9.4 And very stable. RPCEmu reaches release 0.9.4 The performance improvements using the recompiler are substantial: on my (midrange) Wintel laptop, roughly equivalent to upgrading from a Pi1 to a Pi2. Impression User Manual Worth noting this is a (slightly) updated Publisher with improvements to mailmerge, updated support modules for better stability/compatibility, and better behavior on RO5 systems (opening !System folder won't cause a crash/error). It still needs Aemulor, but in general is much better behaved, like our updated !Style from a couple of years ago. Impression User Manual The updated Impression User Manual is now in stock. AMCS free versions are live! New free versions of AMCS (b03122021dt) MIDI/audio sequencer, now available for download from the official website >>> RISC OS London Show 2021 - Notes from the talks The videos of the show theatre talks are now available - November News round-up Another release a brand new application for RISC OS called TimeZones also with a short YouTube video of it in acttion. November News round-up TrainTimes updated to version 1.17complete with short YouTuve video of the new features.