The Icon Bar Message Updates Technology news and views South West Show 2020 date confirmed Fixed - sorry! South West Show 2020 date confirmed Erm, that link is for the Wakefield report I'm afraid! Aemulor Yes, I understand that'd have to be a global setting. I was just contemplating on whether it might be a better default, as the lower system impact (ie. more available wimpslot) would definitely be a desireable default for me personally. Alternative forum The most active forum, particularly for the very retro stuff like BBCs and Archimedes, is StarDot - Aemulor It'd certainly be handy. Aemulor It hasn't escaped my attention. Aemulor I wonder if both of these, with their dual screen capabilities, give rise to a resurrection of the screen configuration options from one of your other apps, Geminus? Alternative forum I haven't used newsgroups since the early 2000s! I'll post on the ROOL site, as like you say most posters on there are programmers and some like Jeffrey and Rick are pretty prolific! Alternative forum comp.sys.acorn.programmer newsgroup might still be active, although I must admit I don't follow it. Some of those groups could get a bit "toxic" back in the day. Alternative forum I used to have an account on here, but can no longer find it and presumably was connected to an old email address!