The Icon Bar Message Updates Technology news and views Messenger Pro hotmail settings That's really odd. Maybe we should go to email for support, as I am definitely able to switch between a variety of servers at this end. Messenger Pro hotmail settings Thanks Andrew. I did try setting up other accounts but the result is that my system locks up if I try to log in with them and I have to force a break. November News round-up That all sounds great! I'm sure some FOURtress owners would happily buy into that. Some like it simple too, though, in my experience, and like being able to tinker to set things up how their other machines are - room for both, as I see it. That said, having received the alpha of the fan control software earlier today, it surpassed my expectations. Jason Tribbeck talks sound to ROUGOL Thank you for the reply. It would be a shame if new code introduced to the OS was more 32-bit ARM assembly code, just as ARM the owners deprecated 32-bit from all their larger more powerful ARM cores. November News round-up 4te computers are also now shipping to customers, and we're trying to work through our order backlog to ensure everyone gets one ASAP. We aren't offering Black Friday deals, though, for a couple of reasons. November News round-up RISCOSbits also have a pretty good black friday deal at Jason Tribbeck talks sound to ROUGOL After a bit of post-talk discussion, I think only speed-critical code will be written in assembler. I certainly expressed the general desire amongst ROOL and ROD for C where possible. Asigning and displaying memory on screen. Help please. I got distracted by other things lately. So I have slightly altered the code to the following now. Messenger Pro hotmail settings If you create a new user for gmail, you can then set "per user" login details (server, username, password etc). Messenger Pro hotmail settings Hello,