The Icon Bar Message Updates Technology news and views South-West Show 2024 talks Fixed! South-West Show 2024 talks Something gone a bit wrong with this, some of Andrew's talk is in the middle of Chris's section! Rougol Talk February 2024 - Chris Hall I've put links to Chris's slideshow and other documents from the talk up on the ROUGOL website - Saturday is South-West Show Haha. I hope I can live up to the high expectations! Saturday is South-West Show I thought you were the star attraction! Saturday is South-West Show I will be there but apparently unlisted Rougol November 2023 talk is on RiscPC/Archimedes repairs The answer (as often is the case) is on Stardot... January 2024 News Summary Currency goes to version 2.04 ROOL website gets a bit of a makeover Aside from the extra eye candy, which is refreshing, I'm pleased the issue where the 'Recent wiki edits' page actually went all the way back to 2007 has been fixed. It loads a lot quicker now it shows only the recent edits rather than 17 years' worth - nice. ROOL website gets a bit of a makeover I wish they spent more time reviewing and merging improvements and changes than toying with website headers.