The Icon Bar Message Updates Technology news and views Gerph's live coding session on Youtube Thanks to all who came along! Rougol June 2024 meeting on monday Thanks, although we don't have a speaker/topic yet. If anyone has something they've been up to that they would like to chat about, or something you would like to hear us discuss, do get in touch! WROCC June 2024 meeting - Mark Moxon dissects Lander It was a great presentation. Lots of very interesting information on how Lander was written (everything from screen rendering, objects, particle physics, the works). WROCC June 2024 meeting on wednesday - Mark Moxon on Lander Is the talk only on the demo 'Lander'? Or does it also include the full game, 'Zarch'? May 2024 News Summary I've created a poll for mult language support for StreetFix also MACAdd has been upgraded to version 2.00 May 2024 News Summary My mistake: I'd forgotten the fact that the On board WiFi driver is a separate download ( May 2024 News Summary It's a self contained update. Just drop the !Boot dir on Config-Boot-Install-Merge. May 2024 News Summary Is the upgrade simply a matter of replacing the ROM image in !Bootloader, or should we update HardDisc4 as well (with reference to a Pi4)? May 2024 News Summary For those with/considering RISC OS 5.30 on the Pi, ROOL released an update to the WiFi drivers... RISC OS 5.30 arrives Getting on-line is but one very small part, and what you can do once online is another matter.