The Icon Bar Message Updates Technology news and views Another new game to keep you busy.... I'd be very intrested in an article looking at the conversion process. Can oneUse flex in a GNU makefile? I have a file fbl-1.l, i.e., fbl-1 is in the l directory. At the CLI I type *flex fbl-1.l. This produces a file in the c directory called lex/yy. I remove the '/' character from the this file name to get lexyy. I then type at the CLI *gcc lexyy -lfl, to get the a/out file. Everything works fine. I put a work-around of those instructions into a makefile, but no joy with the flex command. Rougol February online meeting with Steffen Huber I have put up the presentation accompanying the talk as a PDF - should be displayable with RISC OS PDF viewers (checked with a 2013 version of !PDF). Running Python on RISC OS We have a four page spread from Chris in the last issue of Archive, in which he talks about bringing Python to RISC OS. He's also back with more Python goodness in the new issue (available imminently). Running Python on RISC OS I must get around to playing with python on RISC OS RISC OS interview with Steffen Huber Yes, should be. RISC OS interview with Steffen Huber Will the talk be videod and replayed at a later date on YouTube? RISC OS interview with Steffen Huber Looking forward to this video show tonight. A big thanks for arranging. RISC OS interview with Steffen Huber Steffen's ROUGOL talk is tonight! He has teased that he will also be showing some other projects he's been working on. TextEase reviewed - Knowledge trees An example of a non educational use of Knowledge trees is to make a flow chart to diagnose a fault, like a support centre might use over the phone.