The Icon Bar Message Updates Technology news and views Baby steps... This is the proper temperature for swimming! NetSurf reaches version 3.10 Thanks Rob - that's impressive progress over 3.9 then - your demo certainly works, and well! NetSurf reaches version 3.10 Try (on a fast machine). Things like document.write inline etc, work. Hundreds and hundreds of DOM objects are exposed to it. But most websites these days just use jQuery, and you basically need everything working for anything to work with jQuery. NetSurf reaches version 3.10 I was poised to submit a bug report for a redraw problem at the top of the hotlist window, but now I rubbed my eyes I see it's gained a search facility (hence white background). Nice touch & great work on 3.10 - thanks. NetSurf reaches version 3.10 I m with Andrew here (likewise mystified): I upgraded to 3.10 a few days ago and immediately activated and tested the JS option (as I generally do with each new version), but AFAICS, as before, JS remains completely non operational. Does it work on other platforms I wonder? NetSurf reaches version 3.10 This isn't meant as a criticism, but rather as a "trying to understand...". NetSurf reaches version 3.10 Done. Thanks for spotting. NetSurf reaches version 3.10 Thanks for the news article! Baby steps... Yes, go figure The site is presumably the reservoir about 1.5km S/SW of there with a small island in the middle. People have been accessing its beaches, walking etc. I've seen photos/reports by people on my swimming group and there is - oddly - a Facebook group being run in its name. The land is privately-owned but they are allowing people to use it. Apparently there are 'No swimming' signs. Baby steps... Sounds very nice though the 2020 satellite image of their location CB22 5DY shows a field!