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The Icon Bar: News and features: April update for Iris browser

April update for Iris browser

Posted by Mark Stephens on 09:44, 7/4/2021 |
There is another update for the Iris browser (now version 1.010).

The big headline feature is that the JIT compiler is now switched on. In non-technical terms this speeds up the JavaScript on the pages and makes it much smoother compared to previous Iris releases. It can be disabled in the configurations options.

The change log lists a large number of small and bigger changes so the developers have clearly been busy in 2021. One of the big changes in the code has been the enhancement of UnixLib to improve memory handling. It can now handle mmap usage and ARM Thumb2 code, which will also help with porting other software.
We have taken Iris for a spin and if you are a subscriber I would definitely recommend updating to this release. It feels smoother in use and more like a RISC OS program. There is also a nice link on the front page to download new releases. You should still regard it as a work in progress and still alpha/beta quality.
If you are not a subscriber I would recommend tuning in to the RISC OS Developments talk at Wakefield Show as I am sure they will have lots of updates on progress and plans.
  April update for Iris browser
  nytrex (10:27 9/4/2021)
  riscosbits (13:13 9/4/2021)
    nytrex (20:23 9/4/2021)
    arawnsley (10:49 11/4/2021)
Alan Robertson Message #125103, posted by nytrex at 10:27, 9/4/2021
Posts: 52
Wow. Very impressed by the developments of this RISC OS Browser.

Could any of the beta-testers of this browser comment on how it performs on the following websites?

Microsoft Office Online: https://office.live.com
Google Docs: https://docs.google.com
Zoom: https://zoom.us

I fully appreciate they may not yet work at all, but would like to know either way.
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RISCOS Bits Message #125104, posted by riscosbits at 13:13, 9/4/2021, in reply to message #125103
Posts: 15
Microsoft Office let me log in, reset my password, and re-log in, but I didn't get anything other than a blank page after that.

Google Docs let me log in, access my files and edit a document in the word processor. Much better than I expected.

I went to zoom.us/test and it looked promising, but a few redirects later and I was left with 'The URL can't be shown'
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Alan Robertson Message #125105, posted by nytrex at 20:23, 9/4/2021, in reply to message #125104
Posts: 52
Many thanks for the info. It's good to understand what doors it opens to RISC OS.

The fact it can provide the ability to edit a Google Docs page is great news.

Are there any other website that RISC OS users are keen to use when the browser becomes available?

[Edited by nytrex at 20:23, 9/4/2021]
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Andrew Rawnsley Message #125106, posted by arawnsley at 10:49, 11/4/2021, in reply to message #125104
R-Comp chap
Posts: 560
Whilst I haven't tried it on MS Office online, I have used Outlook.com (aka Hotmail). This worked correctly.

Interestingly, using the older browser ID (we changed the default to a more desktop-oriented one in this release for better Amazon) I was able to get to a "secret" no-adverts version of outlook.com which was all-round better (faster, more traditional UI, less wasted space etc).

I wish there were a tick-box to use that UI by default, even on PC!

Regarding Zoom, I think it uses a native client on PCs etc, which is simply triggered by the website. It is possible there's a web-only version, but it'd rely on video playback stuff which isn't (yet) implemented in Iris.

[Edited by arawnsley at 10:50, 11/4/2021]
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The Icon Bar: News and features: April update for Iris browser