The Icon Bar Technology news and views DDE 29 release from ROOL DDE 29 was released by ROOL at the London Show and continues to evolve. ROOL has now released DDE29c. The Desktop Development Environment is a set of development tools for RISC OS covering Assembler, C/C++ and BASIC. These include tools to write, and debug your programs, the ToolBox to create the GUI interface and the ABC BASIC compiler. A different kind of Archive Show report This year is a little bit different (you might have noticed). So events like the RISC OS shows are different. There are lots of online events, but unlikely to be the traditional 'physical' show where you can wonder round the stands. So Gavin Smith, the new editor of Archive Magazine, is thinking of a different kind of Show report for the London Show in the October edition of Archive magazine. September News round-up Some things we noticed this month. What did you see? Demo party release of RISC OS demo This weekend there will be the graphics demo party at Function 2020 in Hungary. The event is running online so you can attend remotely for free just by signing up. Stuart Swales talks to Rougol online Tonight, ROUGOL welcomes Stuart Swales (author of Fireworks, Pipedream 4 and one of the original RISC OS development team) to talk about his experiences. His talk is entitled From Fortran to Fireworkz, a programmer's voyage RISC OS Direct Videos -4. Networking The latest edition of the RISC OS Direct Youtube videos (episode 4). What is your current RISC OS setup? (Justin Fletcher) Gerph's RISC OS development setup PhotoFiler get first update in 12 years PhotoFiler is a long-standing RISC OS application. It is now freeware, and have just received its first update in 12 years thanks to Dave Thomas. Own a Unique Silver Deuce Case... for Charity A special announcement from WROCC... Iris browser continues to evolve Development of the Irs web browser has continued during 2020, with RISC OS Developments providing updates to their shareholders in June and August. So how is it developing?