The Icon Bar Technology news and views No October Rougol talk on monday There is no longer a meeting on Monday 18th October, as had previously been advertised. So you have the night off if you were planning to attend. Rougol London Shows returns this month The long-running London Show is back in person after a couple of years being online only. It is running 11am - 5pm and tickets remain a pre-Covid fiver on the door (free to under 16s). CodeCraft #4 voting open The submission period for the CodeCraft #4 demo coding competition has now closed, which means now comes the part that every one can get involved with: Voting! PinBoard 2.0 reaches Alpha9 The replacement PinBoard module (designed to be a backwards compatible repalacement for the existing module but also add lots of new features) has now reached version alpha9. I have been running previous versions on my Titanium for some time, so updated to the latest version. September News round-up Some things we noticed this month. What did you see? Wakefield Show 2022 announcement Some very welcome news from the organisers of the Wakefield Show..... September Rougol talk by Bernard Boase Tonghts talk was another hybrid online /offline event with most people attending via Zoom. Monday night is Rougol September talk on RISC OS distributions The September Rougol meeting is on monday night and you can attend in person at the pub or via Zoom. Archive 25:4 reviewed Arculator updated to add A4 emulation and more podule support Archimedes emulator Arculator has been updated to version 2.1 with some very nice new features. The emulator can now emulate an A4 laptop or the A500 prototype and can also emulate more podules, including the Aleph One 386 and 486 podule, meaning you can now run DOS and Windows in the emulator.