The Icon Bar Technology news and views RISC OS 'Advent' Calendar 2023 - FAST Xmas tree This time round we have a very FAST tree, thanks to RISCOSbits. Over to you Andy... RISCOSbits takes to the ROADS RISCOSbits - famed for their wide range of case, FAST machines (and they are FAST!) and risque names are launching ROADS at the MUG Market. RISC OS 'Advent' Calendar 2023 - ROOL This time up some festive fare and a timely reminder from ROOL. Remember it's not too late to send us your RISC OS picture. MUG RISC OS Xmas Market is on saturday RISC OS 'Advent' Calendar 2023 - Elesar Many thanks to Elesar for some festive fun (it's not too late to send us yours) and some special xmas offers for you. I personally have one of their keyboards for my RISC OS systems (and would not settle for anything less)... RISC OS 'Advent' Calendar 2023 - PiHard Xmas tree Welcome to the TIB 2023 Advent Calendar. This year will be featuring screens, machines, and anything with RISC OS on it! All the items are submitted by our readers (it's not too late to send us yours). How many doors we have is entirely up to YOU..... November 2023 News Summary Some things we noticed this month. What did you see? Rougol November 2023 talk is on RiscPC/Archimedes repairs The November Rougol meeting in a week later than usual. It will be looking at RiscPC and Archimedes repairs. It kicks off at 6.30pm in the Duke of Sussex and online at 7.30pm on Zoom (usual link or contact Rougol for one). RISC OS online Developer social meetup on saturday The next RISC OS Developer meet-up is on 25th November (this Saturday night) on Zoom at 7:30 pm. PhotoDesk updated to v3.22 One of the (many) highlights of Andrew Rawnsley's recent WROCC talk was the surprise release of PhotDesk 3.22 The big new feature in this release is support for the QOI image format. You can no load and save this relatively new (and very fast) image format from PhotoDesk.