The Icon Bar Technology news and views Rougol 2022 kicks off with Recoding the classics Just a quick reminder that Monday Night Rougol is back for 2022 with a session on Recoding the Classics by Jeroen Vermeulen. If you are interested in programming in BBC BASIC, Python or Games, this is the session for you! Three RISC OS Show dates for your 2022 diary We are lucky enough to have 3 RISC OS Shows to look forward to in 2022. So if you have not made that New Year's Resolution yet, attending a RISC OS Show would be an excellent (and highly realistic one) to make. Moving events in Organizer I discovered this very cool feature in Organizer totally by accident. Just incase I am not the last person on the planet to realise... RPCEmu reaches release 0.9.4 RPCEmu is a really important piece of software to me because it allows me to turn my laptop into a RISC OS machine when I am away from home. It provides an almost complete RISC OS machine under emulation for Linux, Mac and Windows. It can run the latest RISC OS 5.28 as well as 'classic' versions. There are several Easy-Start bundles with all you need to setup RPCEmu for RISC OS. The website states the software is alpha quality, but I have found it very stable in daily use. December 2021 News roundup Some things we noticed this month. What did you see? RISC OS interview with Rick Murray For your Christmas treat this year, we have an interview with Rick Murray - long time RISC OS user, blogger and now games developer sharing his RISC OS experiences. Rougol December perspective There is no December Rougol meeting, but there is plenty to look back on and look forward to. New Artworks release and Winter sale from mw-software Mw-software has announced a new version of Artworks (ArtWorks 2.X3.01) with bring compatibility with the latest Pi3 and Pi4 hardware. The last version (ArtWorks 2.X3) was released in 2017 so great to see the software getting an update to support newer hardware. Special weekend offer from RISCOSbits on Stonking Saturday RISCOSbits have decided we need a special weekend day for RISC OS computers which we will call 'Stonking Saturday' (quite a conservative choice of name from them) and they have a special deal for just this day. Mamie Fletcher’s House released There seems to be quite be quite a renaissance of games on RISC OS at the moment. Although Rick Murray did not have a stand, his new game was being demonstrated on several stands.