The Icon Bar Technology news and views Rougol July talk The Rougol July meeting was a more gentle event with 2 people in the pub and 20 remote, chatting about RISC OS and life in general and enjoying the sunshine. July Rougol meeting goes hybrid The July Rougol meeting next week is going hybrid. No, this does not mean we are all jumping into the back of Bryan Hogan's new petrol/electric car... Iris July update The last time we looked at Iris was the April release (1.010), and the Developers have been very busy since then. FOURtress reviewed as a Linux machine In my previous 2 articles I gave my first impressions of the FOURtress and Reviewed the FOURtress as a RISC OS machine. This time we look at it for Linux (interacting with RISC OS). TextEase Reviewed - Turtle Graphics TextEase is far more than just a DTP package. Depending on the version you buy, there are several additional programs included. In our first article, we looked at TextEase as a DTP/Word-processor and the packages available. In this final part, we look at the Turtle Logo (!TeTurtle). June News Round-up Some things we noticed this month. What did you see? Rougol June Talk - RISC OS in those StrongARM days with Mike Stephens This month's online talk was by ex-Acorn and Pace RISC OS programmer Mike Stephens who worked at Acorn from 1994 for about 4 years and 2 years at Pace. He was heavily involved with StrongARM and Phoebe kernel. Rougol June talk is next week Just a reminder that the Rougol June talk is on monday. FOURtress reviewed as a RISC OS machine RISCOSbits has been establishing a strong reputation for producing stylish cases for the Raspberry Pi boards running RISC OS with generally silly names. I already have a PiHard at work, but I do have a small space at home. So I decided to check out the new FOURtress. So what is it like as a RISC OS machine? Organizer updated to 2.29a While they were not speaking at the Wakefield Show, the Organizer team took the opportunity to release another minor update - 2.29a