The Icon Bar Technology news and views RISC OS interview with Gavin Smith Archive magazine has a new editor. We tracked down Gavin Smith to find out more about him and his plans... Archive 24:6 is 'in the post' and free to read online Archive 24:6 is now on its way to subscribers. It looks like a great last issue from the Nagel team, with 60 packed pages in colour! June News round-up Some things we noticed this month. What did you see? ROOL releases PI RC16 In a sign that RISC OS 5.28 is hopefully fast approaching, ROOL have released a new download for RaspberryPi with RC 16. You can download it for free from the ROOL website and it needs an SD card bigger than 2GB. Rougol talk goes remote for Lockdown With the lockdown still impacting our lives, and pubs closed, the June Rougol talk moved online with a Zoom presentation by Tony Cheal about the development and history of Ace Computing (Euclid, Mogul, ArcLight, Tween, Splice and Apollonius). What RISC OS games have you been playing in Lockdown? The chances are you may have been spending more of your work and leisure time at home in the last few months. I have been using some of the time to catch-up on some RISC OS games. NetSurf reaches version 3.10 If you have been busy watching the new browsers Iris and OWB develop for RISC OS, you may have forgotten about NetSurf. This started life on RISC OS and is now multi-platform (with versions for Windows and Linux as well as Haiku, Amiga, and Atari. The last big release was July 2019. May News round-up Some things we noticed this month. What did you see? Do you have any short anecdotes about Jim Nagel? If you do, then Jim's sons Bart and Chris would love to hear from you. We sadly lost Jim in March and so his sons are completing the partially completed Issue 6 for him. They would like to include your contributions in it. Adventures in Optimisation - Walls Continuing in my quest to optimise my RISC OS port of NBlood, I've recently been taking a look at the rendering code. Specifically, the top functions in my profiler's output: the vertical line drawing routines, which are used to draw walls and sprite-based entities.