The Icon Bar Technology news and views RISC OS interview with Michael Grunditz A very welcome new face at the SW show was Michael Grunditz, the developer behind the ARMBook port and the OWB port. We were very keen to find out more, and knew you would be too... South-West Show 2019 Report The South-West Show took place in its new (much more accessible and suburban) home in Bristol. Read on to find out more (any mistakes or omissions are mine)... South-West Show 2019 talks There was a full set of talks at the South-West show South-West Show 2019 in Pictures Take a walk around the South-West 2019 with us.... Show West Show 2019 preview Next weekend (Saturday 16th February) sees the regular South West show in its brand new venue. Organised as usual by R-Comp and Orpheus Internet, the show will take place at the Arnos Manor, in Bristol. The venue is really easy to reach by both car and public transport and you can book a room if you want to stay the night. January News Some things we noticed this month. What did you see? RISC OS on youtube The video sharing site youtube is always an interesting place to find tutorials and see what other people are up to. There are some nice tutorials on how to update your RaspberryPi software, requests for help and people showing off their systems. There is plenty going on - what is your favourite link? David Pilling Treasure Trove If you are looking to learn about software, there is a treasure trove of source code and resources available on the Internet. South-West Show Q and A With the South-West Show a month away, we hunted down the organisers for some more details.... 3 key dates for your diary in 2019 While you are still in New Year's resolution mode, there are 3 key dates which should be in your diary for 2019. We are very lucky in the RISC OS World to have 3 Shows spread across the country and they diary. They are where all the big announcements are made, and the chance to meet developers and other RISC OS users. It is worth attending at least one (if not all 3).