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The Icon Bar: Games: !Hamsters Sound Track now Available in HQ MP3..
  !Hamsters Sound Track now Available in HQ MP3..
  BrokenARM (22:36 7/10/2008)
  filecore (07:19 8/10/2008)
    Hughus (19:42 6/11/2008)
Dan Wilson Message #108505, posted by BrokenARM at 22:36, 7/10/2008
Posts: 13
Hi All,

I've digitally processed my original source modules into MP3s from Tom Cooper's classic. I'm quite surprised how clean the resultant sound is - it reminds me just how -awful- the Arc's audio frequency response was(not to mention noisy!!) These conversions must extend several KHz beyond the original sound reproduction.... smile



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Jason Togneri Message #108506, posted by filecore at 07:19, 8/10/2008, in reply to message #108505

Posts: 3867
And to think there was a time when I played Tracker modules through my A5000's internal speaker for enjoyment. Oh how we were starved of high-quality technology in those days. Then I discovered 3.5 -> RCA adapter and my world became one of Bad Tracker Tunes + stereo!

Anyway, thanks for this, especially now that I know how to download stuff from last.fm...
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Hugh Message #108693, posted by Hughus at 19:42, 6/11/2008, in reply to message #108506
AA refugee
Posts: 36
Listening to it now, along with the requisite random dancing big grin
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The Icon Bar: Games: !Hamsters Sound Track now Available in HQ MP3..