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The Icon Bar: Programming: Text fields
  Text fields
  sirbod (18:34 19/6/2012)
  VincceH (09:58 20/6/2012)
    sirbod (11:22 20/6/2012)
Jon Abbott Message #120644, posted by sirbod at 18:34, 19/6/2012
Posts: 563
Is it possible to create a text field in a window template that wraps text?

Using WinEd, I can only get text that's left aligned and goes past the field boundary.
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VinceH Message #120649, posted by VincceH at 09:58, 20/6/2012, in reply to message #120644
Lowering the tone since the dawn of time

Posts: 1590
Not as standard.

I believe there's a toolbox gadget to achieve this, and that might be the best approach. (I don't use the toolbox, so I've no idea what it's called or where to find it - I've a feeling it's not part of the standard toolbox and actually something that a third party produced.)

The other approach would be to write your own solution - which, if you aren't using the toolbox and don't wish to start, is what you'd have to do.
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Jon Abbott Message #120650, posted by sirbod at 11:22, 20/6/2012, in reply to message #120649
Posts: 563
Toolbox gadget, I'll do some Googling, thanks.
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The Icon Bar: Programming: Text fields