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The Icon Bar is the longest running RISC OS portal. The sensibilities that Acorn instilled in us still influence our interests and writing.

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Rougol July talk

Posted by Mark Stephens on 22:19, 19/7/2021 |
The Rougol July meeting was a more gentle event with 2 people in the pub and 20 remote, chatting about RISC OS and life in general and enjoying the sunshine.
Going forward, it shows that the meeting works as a hybrid event and hopefully that will be the format going forwards....
Rougol website
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July Rougol meeting goes hybrid

Posted by Mark Stephens on 13:45, 15/7/2021 |
The July Rougol meeting next week is going hybrid. No, this does not mean we are all jumping into the back of Bryan Hogan's new petrol/electric car...
Continue reading "July Rougol meeting goes hybrid" | Comment in the forums

Rougol June Talk - RISC OS in those StrongARM days with Mike Stephens

Posted by Mark Stephens on 21:31, 21/6/2021 |
This month's online talk was by ex-Acorn and Pace RISC OS programmer Mike Stephens who worked at Acorn from 1994 for about 4 years and 2 years at Pace. He was heavily involved with StrongARM and Phoebe kernel.
Continue reading "Rougol June Talk - RISC OS in those StrongARM days with Mike Stephens" | 3 comments in the forums

Rougol May Talk on software testing

Posted by Mark Stephens on 22:15, 17/5/2021 |
The May online Rougol talk saw the welcome return of Gerph, expanding on his previous talk with a more detailed look at testing.
Continue reading "Rougol May Talk on software testing" | Comment in the forums

Sophie Wilson tells Rougol about The Future of Microprocessors

Posted by Mark Stephens on 22:05, 19/4/2021 |
This month's online Rougol talk featured Sophie Wilson. It was certainly a popular talk (Bryan had to up his Zoom license) with over 130 attendees (lucky we were not all trying to squeeze into the pub room).
Continue reading "Sophie Wilson tells Rougol about The Future of Microprocessors" | Comment in the forums

Daryl Dudey ROUGOL interview on monday

Posted by Mark Stephens on 05:34, 12/3/2021 |
Quick reminder that Daryl is the speaker for the monday night online ROUGOL meeting. It is free to attend and you just need Zoom to watch it.
More details are on the ROUGOL site
2 comments in the forums
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